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Why brands should be using TikTok for marketing

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The TikTok

TikTok has been around for a few years now and one thing’s for certain – it’s not going anywhere. With over 2 billion active users globally, TikTok is known for having a huge influence over the latest trends – from life hacks to innovative products.  

The app is based around users sharing short, mobile-first videos, paired with filters, effects and sounds. It’s a channel that inspires creativity, and with a never-ending stream of content at your fingertips, there’s always something new to discover.  

Using TikTok for marketing

The myth that TikTok is ‘just for teenagers’ is no longer true – in reality the userbase is aged anywhere from 16-80+, with the 40-80 age group engaging with the app and creating their own content more and more frequently. So, if you’re still asking ‘is TikTok good for marketing?’, the answer is a resounding yes!


TikTok is known for its clever algorithm that priorities the discovery of new content, delivering videos tailored to each user on their ‘For You’ page based on interests and behaviours. Just swipe up and you’re onto the next video – it’s no surprise that the majority of users spend at least an hour on the app each week. 


For brands, marketing on TikTok means connecting with a new and relevant audience, so finding out what makes them tick and creating content that meets their needs is the key to success.  

Brands can also take advantage of the ever-growing community of creators of the platform and reach their highly engaged followers by launching a TikTok influencer campaign to promote products or services.  

If your brand can start a new trend, dive into popular conversations or work with influencers to create authentic, entertaining content, you have potential to see great results on TikTok across brand awareness, engagement and ultimately, conversions.  

TikTok has grown faster than any other social media channel has previously, so it’s essential for brands to build their presence and take advantage of the growth.

Our services

How we can help

As a unique platform, TikTok requires a different strategy to the other social channels. Authentic, unpolished, and engaging content is key – the high-production, ‘perfect-looking’ visuals and video used on Instagram is not going to land on TikTok.  

Flipping traditional marketing on its head for TikTok can be a daunting prospect but working with a TikTok marketing agency can help you identify and capitalise on the right content opportunities.  


Content Strategy

We act as your TikTok strategic lead – keeping our ear to the ground for new trends and working closely with your team to create content briefs that turn insights into results.


Content Creation & Campaigns

Whether it’s the delivery of ongoing content or a specific TikTok marketing campaign, we create videos tailored to the platform and designed to drive results through brand awareness and engagement.



With a variety of ad formats and placements available, as well as an ever-growing audience on the platform, TikTok ads can help you achieve different objectives, from reach and engagement through to sales. We build and deliver strategic ad campaigns that drive results.


Influencer Campaigns

One of the best ways to ensure content feels as authentic as possible is by collaborating with content creators. With high engagement rates and a creative approach to content, influencers can be a great driving force for your campaigns. We can help identify relevant accounts, create content briefs and manage campaigns to achieve your goals.

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    For brands, marketing on TikTok means connecting with a new and relevant audience, so finding out what makes them tick and creating content that meets their needs is the key to success.

    - Laurie Foxon, Head of Content


    TikTok requires the ability to identify and react quickly to relevant trends, by thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ways to communicate an idea. This unique creativity makes it more challenging for brands to find their place – TikTok themselves say ‘don’t make ads, make TikToks’. We can support you with planning and executing creative, thoughtful and authentic content that feels native to the platform, whilst keeping up with what’s trending.

    Consistency is key on TikTok, so we’d recommend committing to at least of 6 months of regular activity to generate demonstrable results, as the algorithm favours frequent posting and results are likely to build over time.

    Rather than focusing on what the people you follow are posting, TikTok prioritises the discovery of new content – acting as more of an entertainment platform than a social network. For content to work on TikTok, it needs to feel real and relatable. Blending in on the platform is a must – anything that stands out as looking too ‘branded’ or feeling too much like an ‘ad’ without additional entertainment or education value will be swiped past without a second thought. That’s why a bespoke TikTok content strategy is essential for success.

    Having a presence on TikTok and posting regular, organic content can help your brand connect and engage with your audience. Combining this with TikTok ads and TikTok influencers marketing, you can gain brand awareness and exposure in a fun, natural way.

    With a team of strategic thinkers and creative minds who have a deep understanding of the TikTok landscape, we create fresh, exciting content that entertains, educates, and matches the needs of your audience.